The Deeper Truth About Water We Were Not Taught In School

What is water really and how does it affect us? Get ready for a paradigm shift! Our new relationship to water will open the door to new levels of health, wellness, and performance.

All Water Is Not Equal

We are 99% Structured Water

Back in school, you probably remember learning that water is essential to life on earth, that almost three-quarters of the earth’s surface is covered by water, and that water makes up more than 70% of living things, including people, plants, and animals

What you may not know is that your body has 50,000,000,000,000 (trillion) cells and 99% of your molecules in those cells are water molecules!

The percentage of our body parts in weight that are made up of water.

A key distinction that we were not taught in school is that there are two types of water: Bulk Water and Structured Water.

Bulk water is like the kind we were taught in school – a simple liquid with some random arrangement of hydrogen and oxygen. 

Structured water is what people, plants and animals are made of and it has the amazing ability to arrange its hydrogen and oxygen molecules into repeating, geometric formations – just like a crystal. Bio-waters is another term for the water in our bodies.

Scientists have been able to compare the arrangement of water in different cells. What they found was astonishing – water in healthy cells remains crystallographic, true to its liquid crystal nature, while water in aging, diseased, or otherwise unhealthy cells, becomes more like “bulk water” – the broken, misshapen forms of random arrangements of hydrogen and oxygen.

Destructured vs Structured Water Clusters
Crystalline Structured Water Molecules. Image Source: Martin Chaplin, London South Bank University

You can see that these types of water are two completely different substances, with different properties and different actions.

Therefore, putting bulk water in our bodies is not ideal. In fact, it requires a ton of our body’s energy and time to convert bulk water into structured water. While that is happening, our cells are getting more and more thirsty and inefficient.

Old Science vs New Science

Everything is Energy (Including Us and Water)


Traditional science founded 300 years ago (and the foundation of what we were taught in school) is based on the idea that all things are made up of physical matter. From this viewpoint, water is therefore just a liquid chemical compound (H2O) and we humans are a chemical compound of genes and water.

New science, or quantum science founded in the 1920’s, says that everything is made up of energy and that it is energy that determines the structure of matter. In the realm of energy, every atom/molecule gives off unique energy (waves of specific frequencies/vibrations) and absorbs energy from others around them. 

So now, we (and water) are also energy and therefore have our own energetic field, frequency and vibration.

When two or more energies meet, they can either interfere and cancel each other out (decrease power) or work together and increase their power. More on this later.


Old Science Says Water is Hydrogen and Oxygen.
The New Science Says Water is Energy.

We Are Shaped By Our Environment

Water Has Memory and is a Liquid Crystal Computer

Photographic researchers like Masaru Emoto (his work was popularized in the movie “What the Bleep!”) have demonstrated the change in ice crystal formation from water exposed to different energies – whether positive or negative emotion, music, intention, language, light, and more. 

Water formed beautiful snowflakes from thoughts of love and prayer, or crystals completely broken down into misshapen blobs and broken symmetries from negative thoughts, or even computer and cell phone radiations.

This proved that water records everything it comes in contact with (thoughts, experiences, light, color, vibration, sound, frequencies) just like a liquid crystal computer. Water doesn’t care or discern if that recording is healthy, unhealthy, positive or negative. It just stores the information.

And since water is fluid (being a liquid crystal), it rearranges its structure in response to virtually all types of energy, and it does so constantly – like an ever-updating network, every trillionth of a second

Our network of water molecules can be finely tuned and arranged for high performance (optimal health and wellness), or they can be disorganized, chaotic, and damaged (leading to aging, degeneration, and death) all based on the energy you are exposed to.

This is how thoughts affect our health, and how negativity and stress can cause drastic physical changes – through the breakdown in our body’s bio-waters.

Masaru Emotto: The Hidden Messages In Water

Once we start to look into how the water in our body affects our DNA, proteins, enzymes, and cellular communication, it becomes apparent that it truly is all about our water. 

And it turns out that not only our health depends upon the liquid crystal nature of our water, but also our consciousness – our thoughts, perceptions, and judgments – and, according to virtually all of our ancient texts from every tradition around the world, our spirit – our experience of a relationship with God, spirituality, or Divine nature – is also dependent on our water system.

The structure and vibrational frequency of our water is vitally important to our health, and it may even be the only thing that matters. 

Filtration Is Old Science

Warning: Filtration Does Not Change Water's Energy

Above we learned that water rearranges its structure in response to virtually all types of energy. You might be thinking that filtration is an energy that cleans your tap and bulk water, but it is not! 

As was mentioned in Reason 2 why tap and bottled water are making us sick, filtration only cleans water chemically by removing physical particles swimming in the water. The pollutants from those particles are still present in the water as distorted frequencies (energy).

These energetic pollutants are what’s programming your liquid crystal network of water molecules! They are interfering with your energetic frequency and decreasing your power.

A New View On Water

We Are Our Source Water

Since we are 99% structured water held together by energy, we need to be aware of the informational quality of inside and outside energetic influences (thoughts, emotions, electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs), pollution, etc) that our bio-water and drinking water are exposed to because they directly impact our health.

Most people are now drinking and consuming water programmed with an overwhelming degree of informational pollution (harmful chemicals and energetic signatures). Tap, Municipal, Bulk and Bottled Water are disorganized, chaotic, and damaged making it very difficult for our body to receive healthy water.

While this is happening, our cells are at risk of being unconsciously and deeply dehydrated and highly inflamed, no matter how much water we drink.  This produces a series of misfires, fragmented messages, unreliable correspondence, and misunderstandings in the body’s network. Ultimately, it creates the conditions for chronic decay, accelerated death, aging and degeneration.


You now know the deeper truth about your water and yourself and the importance of that relationship. Most importantly, you now know that the water you are using is not good for you and something needs to be done about it. So….


What Can You Do About Your Water?

Lucky for you, we have some cool, new technology to restructure your water and replace those harmful frequencies with beneficial ones to optimize and protect you and your loved ones. 

Go on to Section 3: Optimized Water Technology

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