Optimized Water Technology

Filtration is not enough! Technology now exists to convert unhealthy tap and bottled water into pure, natural, and healthy water for people, plants and animals. It's a scientific breakthrough!

What is the Best Water?

Pure For Planet Introduces Optimized Water

There are 3 key points about ourselves and water that we wanted to bring to your attention in section one and two of the water content:

  1. There are two types of water: Tap and Bottled Water (called Bulk Water) and Structured Water. We happen to be 99% Structured Water.
  2. We are also energetic beings who are influenced by outside energy, including the energy of the water we drink. The quality of our water directly determines the quality of our health.
  3. Bulk Water has several hidden threats to our health that are making us sick, and filtration is not enough to remove the threats.
So now what? How do we protect ourselves from these threats? What kind of water should we be drinking and where or how do we get it?

The ideal water that we want to be drinking, cooking, and bathing/showering with is energetically beneficial structured water. We call this Optimized Water as it benefits cells at the quantum level with optimal hydration, nourishment, repair, and much, much more. 
Optimized Water is currently only available by using Optimized Water Technology to convert whatever water one starts with into energetically beneficial structured water. 
The rest of this section will teach you the art and science of pure, natural, and healthy water (Optimized Water)!

The Impact of Optimized Water

Health & Wellness Benefits of Optimized Water


  • Increased Energy & Vitality 
  • Maximizes Cellular Hydration & Absorption
  • Enhanced Immune System Function
  • Increased Mineral & Nutrient Absorption 
  • More Efficient Digestion & Detoxification 
  • Increases Mental Clarity & Focus
  • Improved Athletic Recovery Time
  • Reduced Inflammation, Muscle Pain, Swelling & Signs of Aging
  • Improves Circulation & Strengthens Joints 
  • Reduces Toxins & Free Radicals 
  • Smoother Water = Softer Skin & Hair
  • Dissolves Calcium & Acid Buildup


  • 20-40% Reduction in Water Consumption
  • 45% Higher Yields
  • Increased Nutrient Density by 5 pts
  • Increased Hydration
  • Increased Seedling Brix Levels 12-15%
  • 30-100% Reduction in Fertilizer & Pesticides
  • Super Charged Mineral Uptake
  • Increase Plant Immunity to Disease or Fungus
  • Increase Microbe Health in Soil


  • Increased Immunity to Disease
  • Increased Size / Strength
  • Increased Hydration
  • Faster Growth Rates
  • Increased Milk Production
  • Reduction of Birthing Complications
  • Health Maintenance Reduction 30%
  • More Eggs / Bigger Eggs & Chickens
  • Reduction in Mortality Rates by 30-50%
  • Eradicated  Anaerobic Bacteria / Smell
  • Huge Increase in Profits (ROI)

A Natural Wonder

How Water Works In Nature

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Ironically, Optimized Water Technology had to be invented to convert unnatural water back to what nature intended it to be.  Obviously the best way to mimic nature is to mimic nature! So let’s start by seeing how water works in nature.

In nature, water partakes in four natural actions and they occur regardless of whether you are observing a lake, a river, a stream or a waterfall. These four natural actions are:

  1. Spinning & Movement
  2. Micro-Clustering
  3. Mineral & Nutrient Acquisition
  4. Voltage & Conductivity

The natural flow of water causes millions of water molecules to spin around, bump up, and even break apart against each other. As they break apart into multiple smaller molecules, the molecules clean and energize themselves. This breaking apart of molecules is instrumental in creating new water memory, hydro energy and electrical conductivity in the water.

As the new smaller molecules continue to flow, they pick up minerals and nutrients that get recorded into the memory of the water.  The smaller molecules form micro-clusters as they are storing their new acquired information from the minerals and nutrients. 

The end result is energetically structured water with essential minerals and nutrients for optimal health and wellness in the cells of people, plants, and animals!

Can you appreciate the brilliance of water in nature? Now take a look at how Optimized Water Technology compares. 


A Scientific Breakthrough

How Optimized Water Technology Works

Toroidal or Torus design found in nature
The captured beauty of the vortex movement
Optimizer mimics the Torus vortex movement
Optimized Water Technology found in all our water optimizers follows the same four natural actions found in nature. Each water optimizer is designed with a very highly conductive spinning and movement process modeled after the Toroidal or Torus design recognized in nature. The Torus vortexing provides the means to perform natural actions 1 and 2.

Natural Action #1 - Spinning and Movement

This mode of action erases the energetic memory (chemicals, pollutants, toxins, etc.) of what the water or liquid had previously been in contact with.  It also simultaneously releases the energy bounds in the molecular structure of the effected water or fluid and increases the natural piezoelectric energy in those molecular bonds.

Vortices are the energy transformers and energy accumulators in nature. A toroidal vortex can increase the vibrational state of any electromagnetic frequency and it can restore the natural energy patterns to something that has been corrupted. Vortex flow technology provides the ability to re-mediate all forms of pollution in water by transforming the electromagnetic frequencies of the water back to their healthy state.

When water flows in a toroidal vortex pattern the following benefits occur:

  • Dead water’s unaligned molecule structures are concentrically aligned.
  • Ordered molecular patterns are created from chaos.
  • Discordant energy patterns are erased and new patterns are formed.
  • Corrupted electromagnetic frequencies are transformed.
  • Beneficial electromagnetic frequencies are accumulated.

Natural Action #2 - Micro-Clustering (Molecular Structure Realignment)

Vortexing also breaks up long chain molecular structures. This restructuring realigns the molecular structure of the fluid and increases its ability to absorb new energetic information which the water optimizers provide in the third and fourth modes of action.


Natural Action #3 - Mineral & Nutrient Acquisition

These natural biological beneficial frequencies of rare earth minerals, elements and organic compounds help in transmuting chaotic and distorted frequencies, harmful and dangerous nano-toxins, chemicals and naturally strengthens the immune system.  The flow of these subtle frequencies, ion charges, isotopes, in the mineral mix both energizes, feeds the cells and tissues and increase absorption. This bio-life system, of minerals, bio-resonance, scalar and ionization technology increases photonic delivery and life-force voltage. 

These natural biological beneficial frequencies of rare earth minerals, elements and organic compounds help in transmuting chaotic and distorted frequencies, harmful and dangerous chemicals and naturally strengthens the immune system.  The flow of these subtle frequencies, ion charges, isotopes, in the material mix of the rings both energize and feed the cells of nearby organisms. The informed energy can be measured as a field around the ring as well as transmitted through any existing conductive material such as water or electric lines, as well as sound and light emitting devices

Natural Action #4 - Voltage & Conductivity

The units are designed to pass a charge through the bio-mineral packet or energetic capacitor that causes the magnetic fields, elements and minerals as well as, as their corresponding frequencies to produce piezoelectricity. This enhancement further increases both power and intensity of the energetic qualities of our units as well as more effectively transmits the beneficial frequencies of our composite minerals, elements and organic to the fluid flowing through the unit and the nearby fields around the units. When an outside field comes into range, the transmission is instantly initiated. There is no need to recharge or replace the bio-mineral packet because they do not diminish their transmission power over time.

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Short of the God given natural water that is in limited supply on Earth and becoming more and more limited every day, Water Optimizers provide the purest, healthiest, and most natural water available today.

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